We are nowhere close to Christmas but I’m positive this is what you asked for, ideal? Mel Gibson is playing Santa. It is not a really feel-great film, due to the fact, effectively, Mel Gibson. It is been a extended time due to the fact the words “Mel Gibson” and “feel good” created sense collectively. The title of this film is terrible. The story sounds like it desires to be original and does not know it is going to be compared to Billy Bob Thornton. Also, it is filming in Canada… so, excellent, our nation gets to host Mel Gibson! (Dlisted) 

Effectively this surely shakes up the “want” vs “need” storytelling balance. Just, what the readers/viewers/fans “wants” is not necessarily what they “need”. For instance, the fans normally want character X and character Y to fall in like and make out and f-ck and be pleased. That does not make for a great story. What the story desires is for the characters to develop, modify, and from time to time that indicates developing and altering out of a partnership. What’s the want/have to have balance when fans are out there guessing and predicting plotlines although? Need to you modify plotlines if they’ve currently posted their correct predictions on Reddit? Is this what’s taking place to Game of Thrones? (Pajiba) 

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon had been shooting their Apple series in New York final evening and at 1 point, in a scene, Jen tells a guy to f-ck off, I’m presuming due to the fact he was creeping a photo of her. How a lot of this was acting? (TMZ) 
Halle Berry wore a black jumpsuit to the John Wick three premiere. It is attractive, she is attractive, but I’m not that excited. This is Halle’s style lane, I get it. But her lane desires an update, do not you consider? Lanes can be enhanced! She can do attractive, no issue! I just do not know it has to be 2005 attractive – particularly f—–ck, she could appear so f-cking great in so a lot far more! (Go Fug Your self) 
Jacek and I as soon as did a couples massage on vacation and it was… what ever. We barely talked to each and every other, or I barely talked to him due to the fact I was attempting to get pleasure from my massage. What is the point of a couple’s massage?! A couples colonic, on the other hand, I may well be into. I’ve never ever had a colonic, for starters. And I consider it’d be hilarious to do it collectively. Like, are you feeling what I’m feeling? Are you releasing as a lot as I’m releasing? (Cele|bitchy) 

This is your extended study for the weekend. Do not study it till you can get pleasure from it, in your favourite reading spot, and have eliminated all possibility for interruption. For the reason that here’s what it is about: WAS SHAKESPEARE A Lady!? (The Atlantic)