‘Too Old To Die Young’: Preview Cliff Martinez’s Score For Nicolas Winding Refn’s Amazon Series


Following drumming for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lydia Lunch, and Captain Beefheart in the ’80s, Cliff Martinez went on to become a effective Hollywood composer. His partnership with director Nicolas Winding Refn has resulted in some outstanding operate in soundtracking for films such Drive, Only God Forgives, and The Neon Demon — final Halloween we recognized his score for the latter as one of our preferred horror film soundtracks.

The pair are teaming up for once more for a project, this time for a new Amazon series called Also Young To Die Old starring Miles Teller, William Baldwin, John Hawkes, and Jena Malone. Teller stars as Martin, “a grieving police officer, who finds himself caught in the Los Angeles criminal underworld exactly where a variety of forces push towards sinister objectives.”

Nowadays, we get a initially appear at the music Martinez will be undertaking the music for the series with the initially song on the soundtrack, “Naked Guy Murder.” Aptly eerie, the track builds into a buzzing tone that melts down and then is shattered. There are some freaky strings and sawtooth synths that whisk away any feeling of security. Some techno flares make it really feel like a darker take on the sonic landscape of Tron.

Listen to “Naked Guy Murder” under, exactly where you can also watch the Also Old To Die Young trailer and see the soundtrack’s tracklist.


01 “Naked Guy Murder”
02 “Starlight Cantina”
03 “No Smoking Permitted Here”
04 “Larry Was A Household Man”
05 “Why Does Damian Have A Difficulty With You”
06 “Kill Me Rapidly And Clean”
07 “I Hereby Give You Yaritza”
08 “Mothers Favourite Skit”
09 “Get Some Ice Cream”
10 “Jesus And The Snake”
11 “High Priestess Of Death”
12 “I’m Hunting”
13 “I Got Tim”
14 “Viggo And Diana”
15 “Some Complications”
16 “Walking To The Girl In The Ground”
17 “I Can not Dig Her Out”
18 “I’m Not Going To Hurt You”
19 “Death By Golf Club”
20 “Summassault” (performed by Julian Winding)
21 “La Alta Sacerdota De La Muerto” (performed by Carolina Hoyos)

Also Old To Die Young will be released six/14 via Amazon. The soundtrack is out digitally the very same day by way of Milan Records, with a vinyl release to comply with on six/28.


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