This prior weekend, LA-based photographer Britt Lucas was celebrating her birthday. Amongst these joining her in the festivities have been every producer Flume and comedian Paige Elkington. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be outcome in for coverage, but as it turns out, Flume designed a comprehensive new composition specifically for Lucas’ birthday — and it will possibly by no suggests be released.

A lot of the song was featured on Lucas’ Instagram story yesterday, featuring vocals from Elkington. From the seems of it, completely absolutely everyone seems to be possessing a excellent time, and Flume’s person touch in the production clearly struck a chord with the birthday girl as she couldn’t help but continue to laugh and take pleasure in herself.

While this will most probably by no suggests be released, there are rumors of a new Flume mixtape coming June 21 — study additional about that correct right here. Watch the video from the birthday celebration beneath.


Photo via Oh Dag Yo Photography © 2017