MasterChef Canada: Jenny and Alyssa (and two other people) fight to remain in the competitors


Final week on MasterChef Canada, Chef Alvin Leung lived up his “Demon Chef” nickname by throwing a devilish Elimination Challenge at the remaining property cooks. By the time the flour had settled, Jenny and Alyssa had been asked to get rid of their aprons.

But rather than just becoming shown the door, MasterChef Canada‘s producers threw them (and us) but a different twist: the two would battle it out to see who got to remain in the competitors. This test is not new for MasterChef Canada, but it is been carried out as a digital further and the winner has just shown up on the tv show. Obtaining the test happen as an episode was significantly additional helpful, specifically with Jenny and Alyssa.

Three men stand on a stage.And correct to a season of good drama, Jenny and Alyssa weren’t competing alone: Rozin and Tony walked into the kitchen to fight for the lone apron as well. I was of two minds about this. Though I appreciate providing somebody that has been reduce a shot at returning, exactly where do you draw the line at who is offered it? Alyssa and Jenny had just been eliminated but getting Tony and Rozin, dropped in previous weeks, fight for a spot didn’t look fair.

Regardless of my thoughts, “Knife Fight” was underway in a trio of Stress Tests. Following each and every, one particular property cook would be leaving. For very good, I assumed. In Round 1, the chef’s knife was the star of the show and applied to recreate a rice noodle salad with intricately cut matchstick vegetables. With just 15 minutes on the clock, Tony was convinced he had no likelihood. And although Chefs Michael, Claudio and Alvin agreed that julienning the veggies ought to come initial, Alyssa opted to make her Asian dressing. Nicking herself was a different step in the incorrect path for Alyssa and with 5 minutes left it didn’t appear very good, specifically considering that she missed components and her vegetables had been tossed into the bowl. Sadly, MasterChef Canada mentioned a final goodbye to Alyssa.

In Round two, the filleting knife took centre stage, to be applied to produce Sole meunière, a French recipe applying Dover sole, flour, brown butter, parsley and lemon. And, with just eight minutes to prepare it, it seemed not possible. Even with his impeccable knife expertise, Rozin was getting difficulty with the sole. As for Jenny … the poor fish was becoming mangled. But Jenny nailed the sauce by enabling the butter to brown initial that gave the sauce a nutty flavour. Rozin neglected to do that, and Tony’s gaffe came when he added lemon juice to the pan alternatively of the plate. With no ideal final results, Claudio, Alvin and Michael mentioned so lengthy to Jenny.

Five people stand in a line.For Round three, Rozin and Tony place the boning knife to use to recreate a Frenched rack of lamb in 22 minutes. Tony reduce himself early on, placing stress on his currently tight schedule. Rozin, meanwhile, sped by means of cutting the rib bones no cost of fat and membrane and it looked like he’d be finding that apron. When Tony reduce himself a second time, he seemed destined to depart. But timing is the good equalizer, and Rozin neglected to pre-heat his pan waiting for it to come to temperature permitted Tony to catch up. It was anyone’s game.

For the duration of the tasting, Chef Claudio pointed out that Tony’s lamb was underseasoned and Michael noted it was slightly underdone. As for Rozin’s, his meat was dead-on cook-sensible, but an errant bone and beneath seasoning was noted by Claudio. In the finish, it was Rozin who grabbed the apron and is back in the competitors. Do I want Jenny or Alyssa was in his location? Yes. But getting Rozin in the mix once again suggests some really serious competitors for the remaining property cooks.

Who do you assume will win this season of MasterChef Canada? Let me know in the comments beneath.

MasterChef Canada airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

Photos courtesy of Bell Media.



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