I like when daily expressions gradually make their way into the lexicon. A single that has crept in lately is an expression that originated in baseball. A quantity of expressions we now use began in our National Pastime.

Instance: Some who is left-handed is named a “Southpaw.” That comes from baseball. The way baseball stadiums are configured to prevent the sun getting in the batter’s eye, the batter faces east and a left-handed pitcher’s pitching arm is on his south side. Amaze your close friends with that nugget.

The New York Yankees have a extremely special radio broadcast group. Veteran John Sterling does all the play-by-play and his analyst is longtime Yankees reporter Suzyn Waldman. John is very a character. He’s now in his 80’s and calls each and every pitch of each and every inning. His eyesight is not what it applied to be, but his broadcasts are constantly colorful and opinionated. He drives a lot of persons crazy but his ratings are nonetheless via the roof. And in this day and age of young generic cookie-cutter boring uninteresting announcers, he’s a throwback and breath of fresh air. I’m confident I’ll get lots of comments right now, yay and nay.

But anytime a thing wacky takes place on the field (which is practically each and every day) and it is a thing you can not quickly clarify (like why a guy who never ever hits dwelling runs all of a sudden hits 3 in 1 game) he will constantly say…


He’s stated it sufficient now that it is develop into somewhat of a trademark. I’ve observed persons wearing T-shirts that say That is BASEBALL, SUZYN. And now I’m beginning to hear it outdoors the circle of baseball.

Now I’m hearing persons use it to clarify something that does not have a clear logical explanation. Fox benching 1 of its highest rated shows, Final MAN STANDING – That is BASEBALL SUZYN. Any person in the planet provides a shit about Kim Kardashian – That is BASEBALL SUZYN.

Watch. I bet inside a week you will have occasion to use it as well.