Big Nothing – Waste My Time (music video)


Photo credit: Jared Castaldi

Big Nothing is an indie supergroup out of Philadelphia comprised of Liz Parsons, formerly of Casual; Pat Graham, lead singer of Spraynard. The band also features Matt Quinn, formerly of Crybaby and Chris Jordan, formerly of Young Livers. Their album, Chris, will be out this Friday. If you’re looking for a blast of 90s indie goodness, I’d give it a spin. Here’s some more info from the PR team.

Sonically, Chris finds itself borrowing cues from indie mainstays like Superchunk and The Replacements. It’s clear that they are trying to unhinge themselves from patterns they’ve repeated in the past, but they’re also not afraid to blast the tried and true methods of rock and roll. The lyrics on the album range from cryptic and heady to unapologetically literal – the benefit of three songwriters. Their live show mimics the honesty of the album. Hell bent on ripping through their set as aggressively as they can, Big Nothing is a genuine rock band.

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Big Nothing is here


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