Joe Budden – Jazzma Kendrick Says She Was Not His Side Chick: “We are just friends!”

Jazzma Kendrick is maintaining her innocence! Rumors swirled on social media that the beautiful Miami model/realtor is the reason behind the break-up of “Love and Hip Hop” stars, Joe Budden and Cyn Santana.

Joe Budden & Cyn Santana

Footage leaked of Joe and Jazzma strolling in South Beach together at night, seemingly while he and Cyn were still engaged.

Shortly thereafter, fans noticed that Joe and Cyn had unfollowed each other on Instagram. This spawned rumors that Jazzma Kendrickwas living the sidechick life. However, Jazzma is clearing her name from relationship drama. As reported by Bossip, Jazzma says she actually dated Joe Budden’s cousin, and that she was merely showing him around Miami as a friend. She commented:

“No one was caught doing anything. I dated Joe’s cousin. We stopped talking but Joe and I remained friends. Platonic friends! Joe visited Miami with some friends and asked where they could go. I took them to a lounge. We all left together as a group, then went our separate ways. The end.”

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Written by Miata Shanay