NBA’s Tyreke Evans

Banned 2 Years

Violating Anti-Drug Program

5/17/2019 2:18 PM PDT

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Tyreke Evans is getting the O.J. Mayo treatment … ’cause the NBA vet has been BANNED from the league for violating the NBA’s anti-drug program.

The details about Evans’ violation is unclear — we don’t know what specific substance he’s accused of using. The 29-year-old will be able to file for reinstatement in 2 years.

The bizarre part of the story is that Evans had ZERO previous public drug violations in his 10-year NBA career, before this situation. 

Evans was the 4th overall pick to the Sacramento Kings in 2009 and was named NBA Rookie of the Year in 2010.

The Indiana Pacers — Evans’ former team — released a statement on Friday, saying, “We take these matters seriously and will reach out to Tyreke to offer our support.”

As for O.J. Mayo, he was suspended for violating the NBA’s anti-drug program back in July 2016 — and he hasn’t played in the NBA since.