Who Are The Most Promising NFL Rookies For The 2019 Season?


Now that the draft is firmly in the rearview mirror for all football fans, attention naturally turns to which players may make a big impact in the coming season. The 100th NFL season is due to begin on 5th September 2019 with a massive game between the Bear and Packers. This will then lead to a whole load of exciting games and results, all leading up to Superbowl LIV in Miami.

One of the most interesting things to look at in terms of players for the new season is how the top rookies may fare. Many football fans even place sports bets on games with these players involved, if they see the positive impact a star rookie has had on their team’s form. Even if you do not fancy betting on NFL, many legal online gambling sites now have sports-related casino games to have fun with instead. This can be really handy sometimes if you need a break from football and something to distract you if your team has lost. Finding the right site is key here though, so you get the best selection of games. These NJ online casino sites show just what sort of games are on offer if you feel like trying them out.

Of course, if you do decide to bet on NFL in 2019, knowing which players and teams to back is key. But who are the most promising NFL rookies all set to light up the 2019 season?

Kyler Murray – Arizona Cardinals

Perhaps the most promising rookie that many think will shine in 2019 is this young, talented quarterback. He faces instant pressure to perform after the Cardinal’s traded their former QB, Josh Rosen, in the draft themselves. Many think Murray can handle it though, due to his arm strength and sheer athleticism. The stats from his final year at Oklahoma back up his chances of making a big splash this coming campaign. Not content with 4361 passing yards and 42 touchdowns, he also made over 1000 rushing yards. It is this ability on the ground and his quick feet that may be the real secret to any success he has with Arizona.

David Montgomery – Chicago Bears

In terms of the opportunity he is likely to get to showcase his skills, few can be better set than Montgomery. Coming from Iowa State, he is stepping into a strong Bears team with legitimate Superbowl dreams and with no serious contender ahead of him in his position. This means he is going to see a lot of game time and have lots of time on the field to shine. As a running back, Montgomery is a real workaholic who loves to carry the ball – at 5-feet 11-inches and over 200 pounds, he certainly has the right physique to make it in the pro game. He is also great at catching passes with 71 safely handled for over 500 yards in his time at Iowa.

Josh Jacobs – Oakland Raiders

The Raiders got busy in the draft beefing up their defense, and Josh Jacobs looks like a stand-out rookie to help them achieve this. Picked at number 24 overall, he looks to be in the driving seat to get lots of game time when the season starts. Jacobs did very well at Alabama before being drafted, with a total of 1491 yards made on 251 carries. He even made 21 touchdowns in his college playing days which is a very handy tool to have ready. If he can gel with team-mates, Jacobs looks set to impress NFL fans in 2019.

N’Keal Harry – New England Patriots

As with some other rookies we have looked at, the biggest reason Harry could make an impact is the playing time he should get. The Patriots are not overstocked for wide receivers which could mean they need Harry to fill the gaps within their team. Harry has everything you would want for a player in this position. He is well built, tall and has great hands allied with good athleticism. All this should mean he has a great first season in the NFL and takes lots of catches along with making those important yards.

NFL 2019 will be a great season

New talent coming through is the lifeblood of any sport and the NFL is no different. Watching young rookies come in for their first season and shine is always something to enjoy. The players listed above certainly have the talent to do it – all they need now is a little luck with form and injuries to make it a season to remember for them.


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