Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution @ Dolby 5/18


“Would you be upset if I told you we were dying?” Starts the song of one of ska powerhouse Streetlight Manifesto’s best known numbers. Bandits, while of course not being exactly Streetlight itself, has always been inextricably tied to the long-running ska act. But telling us this is the end of the side project is exactly what they are doing, and moreover they are going out with a bang.

The Dolby Theater is hosting the Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution Orchestra (the band, accompanied by a fully-backed orchestra accompaniment) for another round of shows akin to their 2018 outing in both NYC and LA. THe amount of time and care that the band has put into throwing together these shows as well as writing and arranging accompaniments for an orchestra for an acoustic ska project is mind boggling. BOTAR deserve to go out on the highest of high notes. So don’t be upset, get yourself to the Dolby Theater this Saturday 5/18.

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