Iran has missile capabilities to strike Israel and they claimed these days, US warships in the Persian Gulf. More than the final decade they have expanded their ‘axis of resistance’ in the Middle East

The Guardian: US-Iran conflict would hit power supplies, says Iranian basic

Gen Saleh Jokar also says Iran’s missiles could quickly attain US warships in Gulf.

Iranian missiles could quickly hit US ships in the Gulf, and any conflict would threaten international power supplies, a senior Iranian military official has stated.

As tensions simmered on Friday, Tehran blamed the US for an escalating regional crisis that western intelligence officials worry could lead to open conflict.

“If a war occurs, the world’s power provide will endure,” Gen Saleh Jokar, deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guards, stated on Friday. He added: “Iran’s quick-variety missiles can quickly attain present [US] warships in the Persian Gulf.”

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