Lyrica Anderson has quit Enjoy & Hip Hop Hollywood, MTO News has discovered, for the reason that she was brutally beaten by yet another cast member in the course of a scene.

According to a major snitch in production Lyrica and her husband A1 Bentley have quit mid-season, and are no longer filming with Enjoy & Hip Hop Hollywood. Production of the new season is filming proper now.

Lyrica is claiming that she was “injured” when a rival cast member Summer time Bunni attacked her. The insider explained, “The two girls [Lyrica and Summer] have been arguing, and out of nowhere Summer time began banging on her.”

Lyrica, who is a new mom, was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a concussion and a lot of other injuries.

What tends to make it worse is that Summer time is rumored to be the side chick of Lyrica’s husband A1 Bentley. If accurate, that would imply that Lyrica’s husband’s side chick place her in the hospital