Who doesn’t want to be besties with Jennifer Aniston?

That is precisely why Reese Witherspoon is fighting with over her with Ellen DeGeneres while stopping in on “The Ellen Show”.

So how to settle this debate? Go straight to the source.

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“She told me she needed a break,” DeGeneres teased.

“Whenever I go to her house and I ask is ‘Ellen is invited?’ she says ‘please don’t tell Ellen’,” Witherspoon quips.

“I need to settle this once and for all,” DeGeneres says and she tries to call Aniston. Unfortunately, it goes to a full mailbox.

After finally getting a hold of her. “So once and for all, we are better friends, right?” DeGeneres asks. To which Aniston replies, “Yes darling, that is based on us almost knowing each other for 30 years.”

While Witherspoon might not be best friends with Aniston, she does have some pretty good things going for her, including the next season of “Big Little Lies” with Meryl Streep.

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“I figured out the one things Meryl Streep is bad at- bowling,” the actress says while laughing and telling a hilarious story about when she and Nicole Kidman took Streep bowling.

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

For those rumours about “Legally Blonde 3”, she says they are “meeting about it.”

“If you guys want it, I guess we’ll do it.”