Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! What kind of craziness are viewers to expect for next week?! Well, Mia’s paternity results are in; Kyle and Lola take the next step in their relationship; and someone gets shot! Learn about these storylines and others in the Y&R spoilers for the week of May 20, 2019.

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9. Adam and Victor Butt Heads

Y&R spoilers indicate that Victor and Adam will disagree on something big. So much so, Adam decides to leave the little town for good, but something stops him in a huge way. He’ll get shot before he tries to leave Genoa City, and the person behind the shooting will remain a mystery. Thankfully, Sharon will there at some point to rush Adam to the hospital.

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8. Will Adam Be Okay?

The good news is that Y&R spoilers suggest Adam will be alright. In fact, he’ll come out of surgery remembering that the Moustache is his father. This won’t be the only thing that Adam will go through this week, as he will also reconnect with former BFF, Jack Abbott. Speaking of Abbotts, Billy and Victor will clash in the coming days. Most likely about Adam.

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7. Adam Reminisces

Y&R spoilers indicate Adam will take a stroll down memory lane this week, as he takes a look back on his past. Meanwhile, daddy Victor will desperately try to keep his family together. In other Newman spoilers, Vicky and Nick will team up, most likely in an attempt to join forces against Adam. Some things never change.

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6. Sharon’s World

In addition to practically saving Adam’s life, Sharon will have a reality check of sorts this week. The Y&R seems to be teasing a reunion for Adam and Sharon on a romantic level, as she’s been the one to convince Victor’s prodigal son to return to Genoa City. There are sparks there, but will Sharon be reminded of why she and Adam never worked out in the first place? She’s got a good thing going with Rey, and has a nice friendship with Nick. Does she want to jeopardize both these precious things for Adam?

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5. Who’s The Daddy?

Y&R spoilers indicate that when those paternity tests come back this week, Arturo will wind up being the baby daddy to Mia’s child. No shocker here, as the two actors that play both Mia and Arturo are set to leave Genoa City and soon. These two will probably ride off into the sunset together.

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4. Lauren The Matchmaker

Y&R spoilers state that Lauren will try to match a couple up this week. She recently suggested to Jack that he needed someone in his life, so could she have someone in mind for him? Here’s hoping she doesn’t think to reunite him with Phyllis … that could end in disaster.

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3. Phyllis’ Move

Good old Red will be up to her old tricks next week, as Y&R spoilers tease that she’ll take some action. She’s got a business venture up her sleeve, and it seems like no one can stop Phyllis when an idea has popped in her head. Here’s hoping she doesn’t hurt anyone along the way.

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2. Lola and Kyle

Y&R spoilers hint that Kyle and Lola will take their relationship to the next level, and it seems as if these two love birds have plans to move in together. Sounds like a good idea, but how will Summer react to this and what will she try and do to stop them?

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1. Abby and Nate

Seems like it won’t be too long before Abby and Nate become a bona fide Y&R super couple. The flirting and sparks will continue to fly between these two next week, as spoilers state that the good doctor will get the billion-dollar princess’ attention. What will he do to charm his way into her heart? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

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