No sign of the new 2019/20 Newcastle United residence shirt as however but I feel we can now be confident that we know what it appears like.

There have been a series of ‘leaked’ photos of the new design and style in current months and now this most current one particular on Wednesday morning certainly confirms it.

All the photos have been constant and the photo beneath follows that trend.

It is claimed that this shirt (and what seems to be the new third shirt – see the Twitter message beneath) came by means of one particular of the Newcastle squad.

The regional media reported not too long ago that the photo shoot for the eventual shirt launch(es) had been carried out ahead of the players left for their summer season holidays, with these launches to occur sometime later this summer season. So it is far more than feasible that the new shirts ended up in players’ hands just after the photo shoot.

As we reported not too long ago (see Right here) fake copies of the 3 new 2019/20 shirt styles are currently on sale on marketplace location internet websites from suppliers in Asia.

New (most current!) leaked photo of 2019/20 Newcastle United residence shirt:

2019/20 newcastle united home shirt

The response to the (alleged) new styles hasn’t been great…

The Mag – 31 March 2019:

Final month there have been leaked photos claiming to be of the 2019/20 Newcastle United residence shirt, as nicely as second and third tops (see beneath).

Now there is a new image circulating of what is claimed to be the 2019/20 Newcastle United residence shirt and it appears to be the genuine issue.

I like the appear of it with black far more prominent than the white, the only unfavorable possibly is the collar which I am not also positive about.

What do you feel?

The Mag – 15 February 2019:

Leaked pictures of the 2019/20 Newcastle United residence shirt and away/third shirts have been published on Friday evening.

As constantly with these items, up to you irrespective of whether you think the supply/truth or not.

Just about every year you have leaked photos performing the rounds ahead of the official launch(es).

Sometime they prove to be on the dollars, other instances not…

Just checking back in 2018, the initial ‘leaked’ photos for the 2018/19 (existing) season, appeared in April 2018, so these ones are a couple of months ahead of the game if proving to be the reality.

This is the claimed Newcastle United residence shirt for 2019/20:

Newcastle United home shirt

The claimed Newcastle United away shirt for 2019/20:

Newcastle United home shirt

Then the claimed Newcastle United third shirt for 2019/20:

Newcastle United home shirt

The photos published by OFOBALL.net.