Los Angeles based duo Bósa is excited to announce the release of their debut EP titled Eyes of the Jaguar. Bósa represents the combination of the distinct talents from veteran producer/DJ Stephan Jacobs and world-renowned musician Sunev Lovechild. The dynamic release from the promising duo eloquently combines tribal house beats, buoyant synths, and hypnotic rhythms with melodic vocals.


The duo takes listeners on a spiritual journey replete with exotic instruments, danceable grooves, and atmospheric soundscapes. The lead single “Behemoth” uses vocals taken from a field recording taken in India and intertwines it with global flavors, mystical elements, and a myriad of organic rhythms. A big highlight of Eyes of the Jaguar is the powerful percussion provided by Sunev, providing Bósa with its own unique and unparalleled style.

Bósa’s debut EP Eyes of the Jaguar delivers a spiritual experience that deeply resonates with subtle beauty and primal potency.

Listen & grab your copy here.