First Listen: rising bass producer Qoiet debuts vicious new project, ‘Absurd’Qoiet2

Speak about a misnomer—Qoiet’s debut LP is something but quiet. In reality, it may be the loudest low-finish ammunition to drop all year extended. Although, exactly where increasing bass producer Qoiet may possibly have you fooled with his name, the title of his newly released project hits the nail square on the head: Absurd.

The new album is a 12-track listen that wears its name on its sleeve from front to back. To contact Absurd dubstep would be inaccurate, or at the extremely least, an underestimate. The record is a bulldozing amalgam of riddim, dubstep, trap, hip-hop, screamo, and metal tropes. Bombastic, stabbing bass and raw, snarling vocals are weaved with each other with penetrating frequencies, as Qoiet tends to make his official extended play introduction. If you are not up on Qoiet but, that is all about to change—but we warned, Absurd is not for the faint of heart.

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