Urban legends are commonplace in Canada, and on this week’s Nighttime podcast, Jordan Bonaparte pops open the glove box and digs into the stranger-than-fiction legend of Halifax’s “Glove Guy.”

According to rumour, this man tends to make a hobby of providing young males in Halifax rides late at evening, only to reveal a bizarre leather glove fetish right after they’ve entered his automobile.

All through history, there are examples of allegedly accurate stories becoming place to use as cautionary tales, normally with the target of reinforcing the morality of the era.

Quite a few assume these stories to be someplace involving pure fiction and exaggeration, and that is what tends to make them so productive. A excellent urban legend plays straight to the fears of the society in which it is becoming spread.

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These urban legends may perhaps seem to be leftover artifacts from a easier, extra naive time, but that couldn’t be additional from the truth. In truth, urban legends are thriving, possibly extra common than ever, thanks to the net.

As Bloody Mary and a killer hidden in the backseat of a auto limp away into retirement, contemporary legends like Momo and Slender Man have stepped into the spotlight.

In Halifax, N.S., there is no shortage of tall tales, folklore and urban legends. But our subject is stranger than all of them.

Like several urban legends, this is a story about a buddy of a buddy who was mentioned to have had an encounter with a man who shared facts of his glove fetish with the young males he drove about the city.

This seemed far-fetched, and Bonaparte straight away dismissed it as untrue or an exaggeration. Probably he’s come to be as well skeptical, but it had all the trappings of an urban legend dreamed up to scare university students into becoming cautious in the large city.

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But his initial conclusion couldn’t have been extra incorrect.

Bonaparte changed his thoughts about the probable existence of the Glove Guy when a neighborhood man shared the facts of a strange late-evening encounter with a glove salesman on a neighborhood on-line discussion group. This man’s story certainly hit a nerve as, inside a matter of hours, a chorus of other people joined the discussion to share their equivalent stories. Quite a few of them incorporated images and, in some situations, secretly filmed video of the interactions.

Right away, Bonaparte was faced with the realization that the story he had assumed as well bizarre to be accurate was, in truth, genuine. And it wasn’t a handful of isolated events. This glove fetishistic, ride-providing mystery man seemed to have picked up — and freaked out — at least 1 buddy of a buddy, no matter who you asked.

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