Mama June Shannon’s loved ones desires her to get back to her old self once more.

In the course of the season finale of “Mama June: From Not to Hot,” Mama June’s loved ones staged an intervention in the hopes of finding her enable. Even though it seemed hopeful at initial, it did not function out as June ended up finding arrested on drug possession charges.

Here’s how it all went down.

Mama June’s daughter’s Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson and Jessica, and niece Amber went to her sister Doe Doe’s residence to confront Mama June. When she entered the residence, Doe Doe mentioned, “right now is your intervention.”

“If this intervention does not function, she’s mentally going to have an actual breakdown,” Pumpkin told the cameras, ahead of addressing her mom.

“Physically, it really is like you never care about your overall health,” she mentioned. “I am concerned about you. We care about you. Alana cares about you, Jessica cares about you, Doe Doe cares about you and it really is like everybody’s attempting to get you back healthier and you have tunnel vision and the only individual you see is [June’s boyfriend] Geno.”

Alana, who was sitting on the couch, started to cry as she told Mama June she had been living with Pumpkin due to the fact she was scared to be in the residence as her.

“I swear to God mama it really is not by selection,” she mentioned via tears. “I would enjoy to come house and remain with you, inform you about my day, but I can not do that due to the fact I am scared. I am scared to remain at your residence.”

Right after a short silence, Mama June responded and mentioned she did not want to go over the matter on camera and left the residence. Psychiatrist Dr. Ish and the show’s Executive Producers Adam and Moriah intervened and chased just after her. June then admitted she’s not the very same individual she applied to be.

“Just ask Geno how several occasions I sit there and cry to him and be like, ‘I hate my f–king self. I want to f–king kill the individual that I am now.’ Since I never know who I am,” she mentioned. “I never know if I want to ‘kill myself’ kill myself or I want to kill the individual that has took more than my physique.”

Mama June sooner or later agreed to enter an in-patient remedy center and the loved ones all drove her to a facility in North Carolina. Significantly less than a day just after she reluctantly checked herself in, June left the facility.

“Right after only 12 hours, June checks herself out,” the show explained. “Geno picks her up. Their whereabouts are unknown.”

Two days later, Mama June and her Geno had been arrested on drug possession charges at an Alabama gas station just after an individual referred to as to report a domestic incident among the two, TMZ reported at the time. June allegedly had crack cocaine and had a pipe and needle on her and was arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. Geno was arrested on the very same charges as nicely as domestic violence and harassment.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Geno threatened to “kill” June for the duration of the domestic dispute.

Pumpkin recalled the events in the episode, “As quickly as Geno got Mama from the remedy center, I knew it was more than from there. Mama just got charged with possession of crack cocaine, which is a felony.”

“Because Mama June got arrested in Alabama, she has to remain there till she goes to court,” Doe Doe added.

Even though Geno was ordered to remain away from June, the show revealed, “June and Geno verify into an Alabama Hotel and Casino collectively. They stay in Alabama collectively.”

“June remains in Alabama,” the show added. “According to June, she’s not permitted to leave the state till just after her hearing. She could face various years of jail time.”

At the finish of the episode, the loved ones all gathered collectively to speak about Mama June in happier occasions as nicely as record messages for her.

Alana, who now has Pumpkin as her legal guardian, mentioned, “I actually hope this is rock bottom for mama due to the fact when you hit rock bottom, there is no additional going deeper — you can only go up. I actually hope mama’s just considering ‘I just got arrested. I have to have to get it collectively. I have to have to get my shit collectively.’ If this is not her wake-up contact. I could possibly drop her forever.”

Pumpkin added, “As of suitable now, my hopes for mama is honestly for her to get it collectively and her to leave Geno and just all-in-all get herself back to exactly where she when was.”

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