• Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham have been collectively for more than thirty years, obtaining began dating in 1986.
  • In a new interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Graham has opened up about the longevity of his partnership with Oprah.
  • Graham adorably explained, “The factor about our partnership is I want the most effective for her.”

    Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham’s partnership is the stuff of Hollywood legend.

    Possessing began dating in 1986, the couple’s like for one particular an additional has endured for more than 3 decades, which is virtually a lifetime in Hollywood-years. And even though advertising his new book, Identity Leadership, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Graham has shared some of the secrets to the lasting like he has with Oprah.

    Graham explained, “The factor about our partnership is I want the most effective for her.” He continued, “So I’m devoted to her happiness, so that is wonderful for her and I want her to be the most effective she can possibly be, and she’s accomplished a fairly great job of carrying out it.”

    Graham continued, “For me, I’ve been in a position to discover my personal happiness, and create my personal capabilities, my personal talents, my personal skills and I’m happy with that. So, the mixture, when you have a great companion that is in a position to self-actualize their prospective and you are in a position to self-actualize yours, one particular and one particular equals about six.”

    He even addressed these rumors about Oprah operating for president saying, “You know, you can trust her. Quantity one particular, she’s sensible, she has a photographic memory, she functions really, really had, so she has the qualifications to do it. And she’s really prosperous.”