In an age of silicon where even the pastor is spending the church tithes on plastic augmentation for his wife, Kate Upton is one of those very few whose melons come from above – a mammary gift from Mother Nature herself! Across the years, her curves have been notoriously splashed across the magazine covers sexually embroidering them. What more? If the devil appears to us in the form of Kate Upton, we would be too glad to rebuke him!

Kate Upton

Back in November last year, the dazzling super model put to bed while admitting in April that she isn’t a big fan of stepping on the scale after giving birth to her daughter. Well in strong contrast to the Game of Thrones, summer is coming and Kate Upton has got her well chiseled body waiting eagerly as she readies to flaunt her post-baby body.

In her customary steamy Instagram pics, we see Kate Upton looking tantalizingly “beddable” as she rocks her one piece swim suit.  We know you wouldn’t forgive us if we forget to mention Kate’s delectably toned legs which are as long as your lust for her.

Kate Upton


The 5ft10in sex pie was adorned in sheer pink robe with floral designs which she expertly tosses back to torment us with her pert derriere.

‘Things are finally heating up…’ she wrote in the caption.


It appears Kate is finally getting to accept her body back after pregnancy. Back in April, she recounted her sorrows to People magazine that ‘It’s kind of a buzzkill when you see that number [on the scale].’

Kate Upton

‘I am definitely making progress, and there’s little wins,’ she continued. ‘I personally don’t love getting on the scale too much, because it fluctuates from so many things, like breastfeeding, or if I’m bloated or too hydrated or not hydrated enough.”


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