Indian singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Andy The Crocodile (born Anand Manivannan) shares his latest Scars & Wounds EP; an excellent debut filled with rock ‘n roll, indie folk, and a blend of various genres.

The album opens with the track “Hope” that begins with gentle guitars, the alternative-folk vocals of Manivannan, and delivers a pop-rock song that encourages people to have hope (“just take it slow/did you fall/or just pick yourself up”). The music video for “Hope” will simultaneously be released with the debut EP.

The track “Sleep Well My Child” is almost like a child’s lullaby as Manivannan sings “Hold me close/and sing to me/so softly/like you used to/take my hand/look into me/and whisper that you love me”

“Scars & Wounds is about those people in life you never outgrow, but carry with you as a mark on your soul, cursed with the scars that echo through your reveries but endowed with the memory of being touched by an angel.”

-Anand Manivannan of Andy The Crocodile on ‘Scars & Wounds’

The songs almost have a traditional folk vibe from his vocals to the instruments used, and the music itself.

The track “The Whammy Girl” opens with a traditional folk/Americana vibe, but electrifying guitar solos, bass, and rhythmic drums take over and create a song that really shines on the EP. Its provocative guitars deliver a truly invigorating and exciting solo that adds classic rock ‘n roll to the song.

Stay tuned for what Andy The Crocodile is working on via his website or social media.