All proceeds will go to Metropolis Plaza Lodge, a squat for refugees within the centre of Athens.

Mira Calix, Lucrecia Dalt, Mark Fell, Jim O’Rourke, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Black To Comm, Leyland Kirby, Lawrence English and lots of extra have contributed to CRXSSINGS, a collaborative fundraiser compilation that includes 34 tracks from 17 duos.

All proceeds from the compilation will go to Metropolis Plaza Lodge, a squat for migrants and refugees within the centre of Athens that gives refuge for these fleeing financial, environmental, political and navy disasters of their dwelling international locations.

“This compilation on no account claims to signify the voices of refugees and migrants, nor does it signify the scores of unimaginable musicians from the Center East, North Africa or Central America whose communities are being disrupted by mass migration”, clarify compilers Rutger Zuydervelt and Gabriel Saloman.

“Reasonably, the artists taking part on this compilation acknowledge that their lives and artwork have benefitted from the relative ease with which they’re able to transfer throughout borders, performing for worldwide audiences and creating relationships throughout cultures.”

CRXSSINGS will likely be obtainable from July 1 and is obtainable to pre-order now. Try the quilt artwork and tracklist beneath.


01. Shelly Knotts x Jan St. Werner – ‘Raft’
02. Ipek Gorgun x Mira Calix – ‘Knightscope K5 (Remix)’
03. Mira Calix x Ipek Gorgun – ‘Fortuna (Redux)’
04. Aaron Dilloway x Lucrecia Dalt – ‘Labyrinths & Yachts’
05. Lucrecia Dalt x Aaron Dilloway – ‘Dragon Loops’
06. Laura Luna Castillo x Leyland Kirby – ‘Stage four Confusion Flashback’
07. Leyland Kirby x Laura Luna Castillo – ‘Bliss and Loss’
08. France Jobin x Anne Guthrie – ‘m (Out of doors Model)’
09. Anne Guthrie x France Jobin – ‘Bellona (Remix)’
10. Mads Emil Nielsen x Jan Jelinek – ‘Framework 10 (Remix)’
11. Jan Jelinek x Mads Emil Nielsen – ‘Zwischen/Marcel Duchamp (Remix)’
12. Alessandro Bosetti x Yannis Kyriakides – ‘Airing’
13. Yannis Kyriakides x Alessandro Bosetti – ‘Habillage’
14. Seth Graham x Yves De Mey – ‘Auto-Concord Model’
15. Yves De Mey x Seth Graham – ‘Mika (Remix)’
16. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma x Le Révélateur – ‘In Summer time (Out Remix)’
17. Le Révélateur x Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – ‘Hyper (Remix)’
18. Mark Fell x Jim O’Rourke – ‘untitled’
19. Jim O’Rourke x Mark Fell – ‘untitled’
20. Christina Vantzou x Jasmine Guffond – ‘To not Determine is to Determine (Remixture)’
21. Jasmine Guffond x Christina Vantzou – ‘RR Variation (Remix)’
22. Kreng x Celer – ‘Wormhole (Remix)’
23. Celer x Kreng – ‘MM Strings (Remix)’
24. Bjarni Gunnarsson x BJ Nilsen – ‘Aperture (Remix)’
25. BJ Nilsen x Bjarni Gunnarsson – ‘Beam Finder (Rework)’
26. Jerusalem In My Coronary heart x Black To Comm – ‘Thahab, Mish Roujou’, Thabab (Remix)’
27. Black To Comm x Jerusalem In My Coronary heart – ‘Double Happiness in Temporal Decoy (Remix)’
28. Klara Lewis x Lawrence English – ‘As soon as (Once more)’
29. Lawrence English x Klara Lewis – ‘…And Clouds for Firm (Remix)’
30. Gabriel Saloman x Machinefabriek – ‘What Belongs to Love (Remix)’
31. Machinefabriek x Gabriel Saloman – ‘Dwaal (Remix)’
32. BEAST x Chuck Johnson – ‘Coloration Really feel (Remix)’
33. Chuck Johnson x Koen Holtkamp – ‘Labradorite Eye (Remix)’
34. Jan St. Werner x Shelly Knotts – ‘Rift’

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