Billie Lee, the only transgender female cast member on Bravo show Vanderpump Guidelines – has quit.

The news does not come as such a huge surprise as Billie has had beef with many of the cast members.

“Billie Lee was struggling handling the drama that comes with becoming a cast member on Vanderpump Guidelines. It was genuinely messing with her mental properly becoming,” an insider told HollywoodLife. 

“She also was getting problems vibing with the other cast members except Sandoval, James [Kennedy] and Scheana [Shay], so she wanted to go.”

The supply is also claiming the Billie was feuding with production just after they asked to take aspect in a storyline about her hooking up with fellow cast member, Tom Sandoval – one thing she says is not correct!!

“Production asked Billie to partake in a storyline that she is adamant is not correct — that she and Sandoval hooked up, which will be spoken about and [is] a large story line on this season of Vanderpump Guidelines,” the supply added.

“Items got so negative that she refused to put on a mic at Sandoval’s current birthday celebration.”

Oh, dear. Bye, bye, Billie.