PREMIERE: Henry Black Shares ‘Y G S’. “Beautifully. Magically. Immediacy for tomorrow.”


Moving with a stroke of brush in 1 hand, and of smoke screen, in the other, the virtual reminiscence of HENRY BLACK’s songs are a tale to behold. Each and every and each time (and space) digs deep at the heart of Mount Olympus, as the gods of the old and the forever nonchalant hash out the immediacy of the now and life’s rent payment.

The juxtaposition of Henry’s lyrics, are delightfully formulated with a quaint and the important’ all as the malign but empathetic chorus of a life is revealed inside the folds.

Texture is iridescent by means of out his newest single ‘Y G S’, as it hurls you into that space of time and reality. It decadently resides with poignant keys and guitar strums, in the very best traditions of Hank Williams and of the fantastical imaginations of story tellers down the line (like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen).

With Henry’s expertise, you want to be enveloped and coddled into a type of majesty that you’d by no means felt ahead of.

Moving from Montana in 2015, the now NYC primarily based artist indicators it loud and clear with urban-folk dynamics. With an equally prominent system of music and storytelling distortion, Henry is that smiling and friendly conifer of a man and an artist, whom secures far more of the Universe (and its Universal salvations) inside his innate compunction for the delightfully macabre. Possibly just like most of us, a tinge of masochistic urges bubble up to the surface, depicting the mandatory frustrations of the planet, and inside his footprint. The nasty, the unfair, the drivel, the banal – all converge in an overbearing sonnet to reveal the genuine self of a man, an artist, a operate in progress. Even in the face of achievement.

Seriousness is what Henry is all about. Believed-provoking is what Henry brings to the table. A convergence of these components are his components 1st. And though you listen, it becomes apparent of that precise truth – rightfully and speedily.

And we assume Henry’s just glorious and magical.

Let’s get engrossed.

See Henry subsequent at his single release show at NYC’s Mercury Lounge July 21st with The Minks and Old Lady.


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