Miranda Lambert heads to dinner with husband Brendan McLoughlin in NYC

Miranda Lambert dropped a new single final week. The single is referred to as “It All Comes Out in the Wash,” and you can hear the sh-t under. It is awful. It is a negative song, Miranda’s voice sounds especially nasal, and the lyrics are just terrible. “You got frisky with your boss at the copy machine / You drunk dialed your ex-husband, do not recall a thing…” Um-hm. I’m confident Miranda’s gotten frisky with a lot of bosses. Here’s the song:

Prior to the single dropped, Miranda utilized Brendan McLoughlin, her husband of about six months, to market the song. She posted this video of shirtless Brendan performing laundry and you can see all the hashtags.

The vibe I’m obtaining is undoubtedly that Miranda has gone for anything new with this partnership – she’s constantly seemed really controlling, but she’s taken it to a new level with Brendan. She’s the sugar mama to this young, hot guy, and she desires to show him off. She desires to show off what she purchased, generally. Which also signifies that Brendan’s “hot cop” days are on hold. How could Brendan function a complete-time police job when Miranda wants him to sit about and amuse her? Persons reports that Brendan has taken a leave of absence from the NYPD.

Miranda Lambert‘s husband Brendan McLoughlin has taken a leave of absence from the New York Police Division, Persons confirms. A representative with the NYPD’s Workplace of the Deputy Commissioner Public Data tells Persons that “Police Officer Brendan McLoughlin is on an authorized leave of absence.”

“The Division has guidelines and procedures governing leaves of absence by members of the service and complies with applicable law,” the rep adds of McLoughlin’s time away from his job.

Even though the NYPD could not talk about specifics of McLoughlin’s circumstance, officers can take leaves for a variety of causes, a lot of of which are private in nature.

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What do you feel? Do you feel it definitely is a short-term factor so that Brendan can, like, travel with Miranda and hang out even though she’s on a promotional tour? Or do you feel he’ll quit his job at some point quickly for the reason that Miranda is his sugar mama? Messy, so messy.

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