Hi Hayley, thanks for your guidance in advance! I’ve been going to 1 of the huge chain gyms for a handful of years, historically undertaking two cardio, two weights, and 1 yoga or pilates class each and every week. Lately I place my membership on hold to do a two-month HIIT fitness center challenge at a distinct fitness center. I have been pleasantly shocked with the benefits, a handful of pounds down and I can surely see a modify in my muscle tone/definition. The challenge is ending, and I’m attempting to make a decision what to do now. The new fitness center exactly where I’ve been undertaking the challenge only delivers HIIT classes – so no yoga, pilates, or cardio-particular instruction. At this point at least I do not thoughts undertaking exclusively HIIT, as we concentrate on distinct muscle groups just about every day and I never ever really feel bored. Having said that, an additional HIIT fitness center in my neighborhood delivers eight distinct classes, like HIIT as a important element but also a variety of other activities. It is also a lot more highly-priced, not surprisingly, but expense is not my most significant concern. My query is this: what do you suggest? Is there a downside to just undertaking HIIT if you take pleasure in it, or is there an upside to mixing points up a lot more? What is the excellent ‘mix’ of workouts for somebody who goes to the fitness center five-six instances / week?

Thanks Hayley for your aid!


In my opinion there seriously is not an optimal or excellent mix, unless you have a quite particular objective in thoughts. For instance, just this previous week I spent 7 days on the road with six riders as they competed in a week-lengthy mountain bike stage race referred to as the BC Bike Race (it was insane and so inspiring and I’ll create a lot more about it an additional time). Top up to the race they had a quite particular and excellent instruction mix, all of which focused on mountain biking and acquiring them as match as achievable for their race. You are no distinct than they are in the reality that you like to be challenged, but you have a lot more of a luxury as to what you pick to be your mode of challenge as you are not racing for a particular finish line

If you like your HIIT workouts and they are providing you the benefits you like then keep with it. As lengthy as your physique is acquiring stronger and you are not acquiring injured then there’s no cause to switch it up. Having said that, spend consideration to your power levels and motivation. From time to time a lot of the identical can develop into boring and you either start out just going by means of the motions or you cease getting challenged. If that occurs it may be a sign to switch points up. You also may possibly develop into bored with the identical routine each and every day, which is an additional cause to make a modify. 

In a excellent planet, yes you have a small bit of every little thing in your fitness routine. Yoga for mindfulness and flexibility, cardio for your aerobic fitness, Pilates for your core strength and strength instruction of some type for your general strength. Our worlds are not excellent and life gets in the way so you just want to make certain your fitness routine challenges you, motivates you, is somewhat accessible, does not break the bank, and is some thing you appear forward as well. My fitness routine modifications weekly. Some weeks I do three mountain bike rides, a challenging hike, a run, a Pilates class, and a strength exercise. Some weeks I only run. From time to time all I have time for is 30 minutes on a stair master a handful of instances. From time to time I go weeks exactly where all I do is yoga. Regardless of what I’m undertaking I constantly make certain I uncover a way in each and every exercise to be challenged.  If you really feel like HIIT does that for you then there’s no want to repair some thing that is not broken.