A Appear at Iranian Newspaper Front Pages on July 22, 2019


19 Dey:

1- New York Instances Editorial Board: Trump Comparable to Ahmadinejad

two- Zarif: Bolton Taking UK to Quagmire



1- Baghdad: We’re Searching for Methods to Ease Tehran-Washington Tension in Cooperation with Some EU, Arab States



1- US Defence Undersecretary: We’ll Implement Strategy of Absolutely free Passage of Hormuz Strait

two- Oil Minister: My Precedents Confirmed Existing Plans for Oil Sale


Aftab-e Yazd:

1- Reformist Analyst: We’ve Had Longest Talks with US in Previous 40 Years Trump Is the Difficulty

two- Bolton’s Part in Seizing Iranian Tanker


Arman-e Emrooz:

1- Trump Seeks to Get Out of Crisis Strongly: Iran MP

* Iran’s Seizure of UK Tanker Not Retaliation

two- Tension of Oil Tankers to Be Eased with Diplomacy A Overview of Tehran-London Ties



1- Conservatives against Wall of Johnson

two- Zarif to CNN: Europe Failed to Prove Itself



1- Oil Minister: Iran’s Location Not to Be Taken in Oil Marketplace

two- UK Media Criticize London for Becoming Trapped by Washington in Oil Tankers Case



1- UK Politician’s Confessions

* Straw: Iranians Have Great Factors to Be Mad at Old, Colonialist Fox

two- Germany: Diplomatic Channel with Iran Ought to Be Kept Open

three- Zarif: US’ Arbitrary Unilateralism Destroying Int’l Principles



1- Iranians Happy with UK Humiliation

* Iranian Flag Hoisted more than UK Oil Tanker

two- Guardian: Bolton behind Seizure of Iranian Tanker

three- Venezuela Warmly Welcomes Zarif

* Maduro: Zarif Is a Drone per se!


Jomhouri Eslami:

1- 4 Ministries Organizing to Generate Domestic Paper

two- Zarif Tells NAM: US Attempting to Kill Iran Nuclear Deal

three- Oil Minister: Tanker Seizures Had No Influence on Iran Oil Sales



1- Iran’s Imposition of Its Energy on UK, US Tends to make Headlines across the Planet

two- Iran’s Karate Group Claims Asian Title with 11 Medals

three- 160 MPs Assistance IRGC’s Move in Strait of Hormuz as Supply of Honour



1- Attack Is the Ideal Defence: A Appear at Zarif’s New Strategy in His Int’l Appearances



1- The Way UK’s New PM Appears at Iran

two- Why Strait of Hormuz Is World’s Most Critical Waterway?


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