Tonight’s challenge sends shock waves via villa


In tonight’s episode of Adore Island, viewers will watch as Islanders learn what the UK’s headlines have been saying about them, in the challenge, The Sidebar Of Shame.

In the garden, Amber receives a text, which reads ‘BREAKING NEWS. Islanders, it is time to come across out who has hit the headlines in today’s challenge.’

Islanders are presented with news headlines about a single an additional with names blanked out. It is up to them to figure out who the headline is about, swilling a drink more than their selection.

As Tommy properly guesses that Amber’s mum could see her obtaining a romantic spark with Ovie, Amber tells the six foot seven basketball player: ‘It’s just due to the fact she fancies you, I know that is why!’

Blonde beauty Molly-Mae is later left much less than pleased when Curtis guesses her name as the appropriate answer to the headline: ‘LOVE ISLAND FANS ACCUSE “BORED” MOLLY-MAE OF FAKING HER Adore FOR TOMMY.’

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Hitting back at the claims in the beach hut, Molly remarks: ‘I’m surely not bored. If people today nevertheless assume I’m fake at this point, what hope have I got?’

A different headline bound to result in a stir study: ‘LOVE ISLAND FANS ACCUSE INDIA OF ONLY LIKING OVIE TO WIN THE £50K.’

Later in the episode, Ovie pulls Amber for a chat, admitting the headline had got him considering.

He says: ‘As an athlete, people today use you…a lot.’

But Amber is keen to reassure Ovie of India’s intentions, telling Ovie: ‘From my point of view, she appears like a good girl. I do not get that vibe from her.’

Speaking with Belle and Harley on the day beds, India airs her feeling about the claims, insiting her feelings for Ovie are genuine: ‘I’m extra upset for Ovie. I do not want him to assume that about me or for him to have any doubt in his thoughts about me. I like him.’


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