The title of Pelican‘s newest work Nighttime Stories tricks the thoughts into expecting some thing soft and ethereal some thing akin to a bedtime story told in dulcet melodies with a defined starting, middle, and finish. What post-metal darlings Pelican as an alternative provide is the sort of music that pries eyes open in anxious anticipation. Nighttime Stories strikes a relentless chord of discomfort that ushers the listener into a location of deep, dark introspection that only an album this moody can achieve.

The evolution of appreciating Nighttime Stories requires location in three distinct phases. Very first, eschewing the assumption of sweet, dreamy songs primarily based on the album name, Pelican designed a meticulous and meandering record littered with intention. Atmospheric and palpable angst permeates every track and hardly ever relaxes its grip. With the exception of the final track “Complete Moon, Black Water,” every song carries foreboding air and does not readily match the expectation of the track’s title. Sweeping minor essential probes and grimy, complicated breakdowns make the album really feel unsolved and exploratory.

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Second, the album evolves the instrumental quartet’s sound into a doom-inspired post-metal.  The eight-track crescendo pushes ever-deeper into heaviness and despair. The more than-all atmosphere sings as bleak, however every track mounts with power and by mid-album, Nighttime Stories avoids the apathy and monotony of melancholy. “Cold Hope” kicks off the darker mood modify with super-fuzzed out riffs that alone carry the dissonance of doom. Coupled with bass that punches the eardrums, riffs repeat with subtle adjustments that give song momentum and interest.

Pelican have noticed a fair quantity of modify in the six years due to the fact their most current complete-length release Forever Becoming. 2019’s Nighttime Stories is the second Pelican album to function Dallas Thomas on guitar, and it is Thomas’s individual loss that inspired the initially track “W.S.T.” A tribute to his father, “W.S.T.” marks the starting of an whole tribute album – which leads to the third way in which to appreciate Nighttime Stories. According to their press release, “Nighttime Stories was an album title initially proposed for Tusk, the hallucinatory art-grind band that included Pelican members Trevor Shelley de Brauw, Larry Herweg, and Schroeder-Lebec, in addition to vocalist Jody Minnoch.” Minnoch unexpectedly passed away in 2014, and in reverence to their buddy and colleague, Pelican “pulled lots of of the song titles from notes Minnoch” to inspire the writing behind Nighttime Stories.

Nighttime Stories succeeds in evoking a response from the listener as all very good art should really do.  Nevertheless, the album is not enjoyable as substantially as it is fascinating. Tracks like “Arteries of Blacktop” are probably immensely effective reside, as would be the rest of the album fueled by the feelings which brought the album to life. Barging via 2019, Pelican maintains their instrumental style in an era and a genre driven by powerhouse lead vocalists. Even although the album is fascinating, it will be challenging to come back to the album time and time once more basically for the reason that I never delight in feeling as anxious as the album is in a position to make me really feel.

Although that sounds like a excellent accomplishment, this is not an album a ‘casual listen’. Although there are lots of techniques in which the album can not technically be faulted (for instance the flow of track order) Nighttime Stories lacks reliability. This deeply individual album feels a lot more like a catharsis for the ones who’ve written it. Nighttime Stories performs as a stand-alone piece of art it is fascinating and complicated but it wasn’t written for the listener as substantially as it is for Pelican themselves. Even although the score is reduced, verify out the album if you are a fan of thoughtful, technical post-metal. Pelican does not lack talent and for these who’ve been following the band all through their nineteen-year profession will appreciate this individual expression.

Score: 7/10

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