Strictly Come Dancing winner Stacey Dooley on joining a group of contemporary-day American bounty hunters for her new BBC3 documentary…

We’ve come to know and enjoy Stacey Dooley for her glitterball-winning stint on Strictly Come Dancing final year, but she’s a quite extended way away from these glamorous days when she returns to her film-producing roots with her most current documentary, Stacey Dooley: Face to Face with the Bounty Hunters (from Wednesday July 31 on BBC3 On line).

Wearing a bulletproof vest, she shadows contemporary-day bounty hunter Scott Gribble, a hunter with 20 years encounter who operates for Hope Bail Bonds in Denver, Colorado. Scott’s wife Lydia also bounty hunts. But the encounter puts Stacey in a number of risky circumstances as – armed with handguns and tasers – Scott and his group chase harmful felons on the run.

Right here Stacey Dooley reveals a lot more about her harmful bounty-hunting encounter in America and what she discovered about how they operate…


What’s On Television: What can you inform us about how American bounty hunters function?

Stacey Dooley: They’re unregulated operators, component of a $14 billion bail business that loans folks dollars to get out of jail. They do the function that in the UK falls to the police but, in contrast to the police, they’re paid by capture. The folks they go just after are the poorest and most vulnerable in society, who do not have dollars to bail themselves out – in America justice and producing dollars go hand in hand!


WOTV: So the method is a quite distinct method to right here in the UK then…

SD: “It is. In the UK we do not place up dollars to get out of jail. But in America to make positive you show up for trial the court will ask for some dollars, a bond, otherwise you go to straight to prison. If you show up you will get this dollars back. If you do not have the dollars a bondsman will lend it to you, but they’ll charge you 10 to 15 per cent. If you go on the run the bondsman will not get his dollars back from the court, so he’ll go to bounty hunters and it is their job to track you down.”


WOTV: What did you make of Scott, the bounty hunter you shadowed?

SD: “Scott captures 300 fugitives a year and the folks I saw him arrest have been repeat offenders with chaotic lives. He comes across as judgmental and rude but clearly there’s compassion there and he does care about these folks he’s dealing with. All the group have a bullet proof vest, a taser and a handgun. There’s a shotgun in the vehicle. If they came in my residence I’d be certainly petrified. It is scary – if you do not play by the guidelines you threat armed bounty hunters kicking down your door!”


Bounty hunter Stacey Dooley

Bounty hunter Stacey Dooley is just after a felon


WOTV: There’s a single harmful moment exactly where you witness a fugitive having tasered by a single of Scott’s group. What was that like?

SD: “It was very frightening simply because you do not know what you are walking into. What that day showed me is how these bounty hunters are forced to make these definitely critical choices in a split second. It felt chaotic and unpredictable and frightening. Their job is far from straightforward.”


WOTV: You also discovered how bounty hunters do not have to be educated and some take the law into their personal hands to get outcomes. How did that make you really feel?

SD: “In 17 American states no coaching is needed at all, despite the fact that some states are having rid of industrial bail and bounty hunters fully. I know you have to be held accountable for how you behave and nobody’s above the law, so there will usually be consequences. But it is not simple, there are a lot of grey places with bounty hunting that I required to unpack and discover.”


* Stacey Dooley: Face to Face with Bounty Hunters is on BBC3 On line from Wednesday 31 July