Special Counsel Robert Mueller arrives at a press conference at Department...

Robert Mueller will give testimony in an open hearing to the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees today. This is the Open Post for all things Mueller – the testimony will probably go on all morning and all afternoon. We will likely cover everything about the testimony tomorrow, because it will be news either way – if Mueller stonewalls and deflects, that will be the story, but if he offers up some real explanations for why he failed to indict Donald Trump, Don Trump Jr., Eric Trump and more, then maybe we’ll figure some things out. Mueller and his people didn’t even depose Ivanka Trump, you know. And I “get” that Mueller doesn’t believe he can indict a sitting president, blah blah blah, but that doesn’t explain why he didn’t indict Don Jr. At all.

Ahead of his testimony, Mueller apparently asked one of his top deputies (former deputies) to appear alongside him during the hearing. Aaron Zebley will appear as Mueller’s counsel during the House Judiciary hearing, and then Zebley will be sworn in as a witness in the afternoon for the Intelligence Committee’s hearing. I don’t find this to be some kind of breach of propriety or anything – it’s become clear that Mueller was more like a manager for the Trump-Russia investigation and that his deputies did much of the heavy lifting. Mueller will likely need to ask Zebley for guidance about many subjects. But of course the Republicans are making this into a THING and Trump even got involved:

So sweaty. As for this hearing… it will keep some stories and some issues in the headlines, which is why the Democrats are doing it. I don’t think much will come of it long-term, but it will be interesting.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller speaks at a press conference at Department of...

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