Now that Austin Butler has been cast as Elvis Presley in Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming biopic, individuals are beginning to wonder about Priscilla. Not confident if Priscilla will be integrated in the story as it is supposed to be about the connection amongst Elvis and Colonel Tom Parker but apparently the true Priscilla would favor Lana Del Rey. Most likely to a lot of individuals, Riley Keogh, Elvis’s granddaughter, would be the clear choice…but that could be way, way, way also close? (Dlisted) 

Ummm…someone’s writing about Leonardo DiCaprio and which includes the words “wedding bells” in the short article. Did any one clear that with him initially? He’s allergic. Oh but wait, he also desires you to go see his film. (Cele|bitchy) 

This is a heinous outfit…on every person else in the globe which includes Rihanna. Not even Rihanna could make this function. BUT. BUT. I assume I appreciate it on Dame Joan Collins. What else do you count on her to put on? Why wouldn’t she put on this? Give me 1 fantastic cause. Can you assume of 1? She is eliciting the preferred reaction right here: you are speaking about her, you are gagging, you can’t possibly be complaining. (Go Fug Your self) 

You know that conversation that we have now and once again about hypothetically rescinding Oscars and who need to be on that list? A typical answer is Cuba Gooding Jr. But you could completely make a case for Nicolas Cage – not that I’m condoning this, I’m just saying, you could, if you wanted to, make a case for it if 1 of the qualifications was the ratio of the fantastic function to the sh-t function. That mentioned, I assume I could love it when Nic Cage is in terrible films much more than I do his fantastic films. (Pajiba) 

Kawhi Leonard is a Los Angeles Clipper now and Toronto is nevertheless sad but most of us appreciate that he took the time to thank our city. And appear at all this character in his press conference! (The Ringer)