Jordy’s EP “Have A Excellent Summer” is a lyrically dense and slow burning debut for the UK rapper


Jordy’s Have A Excellent Summer time EP is a single of my favored offerings from a UK artist this year, as Jordy’s wisdom and viewpoint is far beyond his years. His rapping capacity is undoubted and he shines with his lyricism all through the 3-track project. The EP opens with “A13” that has a slow-burning instrumental with head knocking percussion and Jordy breaks down his life all through the 3 minutes and sixteen seconds the song lasts. This bleeds into the second track “Regular” featuring Tiggs Da Author that is a wonderful deal extra melodic than the former “A13.” Ultimately “Visions” is a bit of a alter of pace as it leans extra to the up-tempo side of issues. This EP was amazing and I can not wait to see what Jordy can do subsequent.

Listen to Have A Excellent Summer right here:


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