50 Cent Says He’ll In no way Quit Coming For Wendy ‘I Do not Like Her’, But Not Against Her Getting A Scene In ‘Power’

50 Cent has lots of celebrity victims on social media. But one particular that he does not program on providing a break is Wendy Williams. 

He created that clear for the duration of an interview Friday.

“I do not like her. You know why? She mentioned items about me regularly more than the years and it was at points that I was not necessarily in handle of the items that she was speaking about and you will discover its actually not…”

He revealed that it’s Williams results as a daytime speak show host that tends to make him retain taking jabs at her.

“When you are sensitive to specific items that persons are actually not just employing it for their individual content material and get. But now that she’s thriving, I can say items about her. If she wasn’t as thriving, I wouldn’t even be speaking about her. It would be me bullying a lady.”

He also defended Britney Spears, stating that she was one particular of Williams’ quite a few vulnerable victims as Williams indulges in celebrity gossip.

“Her becoming so thriving and persons are conscious of how she had that results. She did it for talking about persons. When Britney Spears is shaving her head and umbrella at the camera, it is not mainly because she does not have a hit record, it is mainly because of her individual life and that image if you google it, it is wider than her album covers mainly because persons enjoy difficulty. And turmoil.”

Nonetheless, his ongoing feud with Williams could finish. He mentioned he’s not absolutely against her appearing in his hit Starz show Energy. 

“If the ideal scene comes up for her, then yes” and that “I wouldn’t cease it if it was the ideal thing” really should a part that suited for Wendy come along on his show.

He’s definitely no stranger to bullying persons on the World-wide-web. Regardless of whether it is claiming they owe him revenue, or any other purpose, 50 Cent mentioned it is a fairly enjoyable hobby.

“Well, persons troll me and I’m becoming jokey frequently and I’m watching and acclimated to their idea of how to deal with items. No one sees it when they’re carrying out it to me but me frequently. And then, when I start off to respond that way they go, ‘He’s carrying out it, also!’”

In the course of their feud, Williams referred to as out 50 Cent for obtaining what she described as anti-kid help celebration.

He’s also taken shots at her physical look.

He also created enjoyable of her living in a sober home earlier this year.

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