For the initially time in years, The Remedy performed reside devoid of their bassist Simon Gallup. The choice came immediately after a “serious private situation” prevented Gallup from playing with the band for their headlining set at Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. In his spot, The Remedy tapped his son, Eden, to fill his footwear. It was a organic choice provided Eden is his father’s bass tech and also plays in his personal band, Violet Vendetta.

The whole ordeal sounds rather scary, provided the immediacy of the choice. According to a statement from the band, Simon Gallup was unable to travel with The Remedy to Japan immediately after “a critical private situation” arose immediately after performing at The Paleo Festival. Fortunately, it sounds like Simon will be back quickly for The Cure’s seven upcoming festival sets.

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The complete statement reads: “A critical private circumstance affecting our bassist Simon arose immediately after The Paleo Festival show on Thursday, and as a consequence Simon was unable to travel with us to Japan. Pretty reluctant to disappoint our great Japanese fans, and immediately after significantly discussion, we decided to go ahead with our ‘Fuji Festival’ headline on Sunday, with a extremely brave and extremely superb Eden Gallup filling in on bass! We are all extremely grateful to Ed for reaching out across the generational divide to support us out, and join him in welcoming his dad back for our seven remaining summer season festival shows, commencing with Aisha Picnic Moscow subsequent Saturday 3rd August. Thank you all for your understanding Hope you enjoyed the Fuji show as significantly as we did, and see you all extremely soon… Enjoy The Remedy X”

Eden played so properly, in truth, that Robert Smith himself pretty much mistook his bass playing for that of Simon. In an interview with the festival straight away immediately after wrapping up the efficiency, Smith mentioned the practical experience was surreal mainly because it was “the initially time in a lot more than 20 years” that Simon wasn’t there beside him onstage.

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“We had to make a decision immediately,” Smith says in the interview. “His son, Eden, appears immediately after Simon, his bass tuning and all. Due to the fact I’m his godfather, he’s recognized The Remedy actually his complete life. He mentioned if we had a rehearsal, he would step in and do the show. It was pretty weird essentially mainly because we had the rehearsal yesterday and then walked on stage with a fully distinctive bass player. It was terrific. The issue about the band at the moment is that absolutely everyone was playing so properly and I’m enjoying it so significantly that I pretty much forgot it wasn’t Simon on stage.”

You can watch moments from The Cure’s efficiency at Fuji Rock by way of a handful of fan-captured moments beneath.





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