Gareth Emery follows up on collaborative ‘Kingdom United’ album with melodic masterpiece: ‘Mezzanine’!


With a stadium-quivering signature sound that has conquered the globe a lot of occasions considering that he 1st broke onto the scene way back, Gareth Emery’s melodic prowess has taken on a close to otherworldly kind. Hot on the heels of his most up-to-date album project (‘Kingdom United’) alongside fellow mastermind Ashley Wallbridge, the U.K. electronic music titan continues to provide preposterously great music, and his new melodic masterpiece is all the things his worldwide audience could have hoped for: a goosebumps-inducing reduce named ‘Mezzanine’.

Bridging the gap among the radiant sound of summer time and the highest reaches of Trance, Gareth Emery’s ‘Mezzanine’ is tinged with the guarantee of a new starting. Triumphantly setting course for a new, otherworldly dimension with flaring synth blasts and melodic outbursts that bring the light, this masterpiece mirrors the feeling of sunshine following rain as it radiates a familiar sense of hope and unity that will under no circumstances fade.

You can verify out the single beneath and let us know what you assume!


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