Saints Michael Thomas highest paid WR ever


We heard it was coming. Following the dust settled this morning, or as quickly as it does, Michael Thomas is inking the 5-year, $100 million extension most Saints fans agreed he should really be acquiring.

Fortunately, this got resolved without the need of going into the second week of education camp. Early Wednesday, Jul 31, news broke that Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas had signed a five-year, $100 million contract extension, with a whopping $61 million in assured funds, that breaks ground in a couple of regions.

The deal tends to make Thomas the 1st receiver to hit the symbolic $20 million per year mark. He’s the 1st non-quarterback offensive player to eclipse the $100 million mark and he’s the highest-paid wide receiver ever.

Factors possibly got unnecessarily tense with Thomas’ contract. A month or so ago, the Saints came to Thomas with a deal that would spend him extra than the $18 million per year Odell Beckham Jr. was earning on his current 5-year, $90 million deal.

Unexpectedly, Thomas’ side countered with an unheard of $22 million yearly typical. It was hunting like Michael Thomas and his agents, David Mulugheta
and Andrew Kessler had been completely dug in on that figure. The quantity in the end arrived at right here is a figure that has seemed to have been universally accepted by fans more than the previous couple of weeks.

Any superlatives attached to today’s signing will probably be restricted to these of the 1st selection as Julio Jones will be coming to the mic possibly later these days to announce a deal with the Falcons that should really just pass Thomas. And there are nevertheless extra to come immediately after that. Hopefully, you got a lot of pics of you and final season’s ticket rates for the reason that they’re about to leave household for college and you might in no way see them once more.

All of the wage inflation we’ve noticed more than the previous couple of years is going to get the league hunting at a substantial boost in the salary cap for 2020 so teams can continue to grossly overpay even the most mediocre quarterbacks whilst nevertheless producing players like wide receivers really feel specific.

The Saints are off these days and Thursday’s practice in pads is closed to fans but not the media. So you will see a lot of pics of Michael Thomas’ return to the group and to the practice field. Fans will get their opportunity on Friday, Aug 1.


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