A petition demanding a ban on life-size sex doll imports to South Korea on the grounds they “corrupt public morals” has amassed a quarter of a million signatures. 

Numerous had been placated by government agencies putting import restrictions on the dolls, which are legal in South Korea, beneath legislation that outlaws supplies which “corrupt public morals”.

But thousands decided to take action following the country’s highest court ruled that giant sex dolls are a individual matter. 

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The Seoul Higher Court selection in January said dolls need to not be grouped with pornography, which is restricted beneath law. 

It was upheld by the supreme court in June, overruling the custom arrangements currently in location.

Now a backlash of South Koreans are awaiting the stance of president Moon Jae-in, who is expected to respond after a petition set up anonymously garnered 237,000 signatures.

The petition, addressed to the presidential Blue Home, claims an influx of sex dolls will go hand in hand with an boost in sex crimes. 

A spokesman for Incheon Key Customs stated they had permitted imports from Japan, but are nevertheless reviewing whether to release imported dolls from China.

The boss of the distributing corporation which challenged the earlier customs agency ruling stated it could not offer total figures for the quantity of sex dolls imported into South Korea.

But Lee Sang-jin stated there had been “a lot of men and women” travelling overseas to bring back dolls since the court ruling.

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Life-size dolls can expense from 1 million won ($840) to 20 million won ($16,750), based on possibilities and supplies such as silicon skin, eye colour and physique heating systems to make them really feel far more like a human becoming.

The author of the petition argued that the customisable characteristics of some dolls could be utilized to make copies of genuine folks, a concern that Lee dismissed as unfounded.

Agencies contributed to this report.