To make a superior gumbo, you start off with a superior roux. That base is what Drew Brees and Jared Cook are functioning on in education camp.

1 of the factors Saints fans really should be additional excited about than possibly something else this year is the inclusion of tight finish Jared Cook. The Saints signed Cook as a absolutely free agent to a two-year, $15 million deal back in March and now he and Drew Brees are lastly acquiring a possibility to take it into the kitchen so to speak.

It is all been mainly academic up to this point. Lots of speak and searching at playbooks. We’re going to go robust on our cooking metaphor for this one particular due to the fact it is necessary to this getting a partnership amongst these superior-seasoned vets of the offense that could stand the test of functioning in a hot kitchen.

Brees and Cook are elder statesmen on this Saints offense at 40 and 32 respectively. Only Ted Ginn comes in amongst at 34. The gumbo analogy is apropos right here. Like any superior soup or stew, this staple of Creole cuisine really should yield the flavors of all the components in it on close inspection. But it is flavor, all round, really should be such a meshing of its elements that it is just one particular signature taste.

So lots of strategies to get it incorrect. With gumbo, it could be as uncomplicated as applying the incorrect rice. Like lots of Cajun and Creole dishes with a lot of moisture, you have to use parboiled rice so it does not break down as uncomplicated and imparts its personal flavor to the mix. But any productive gumbo succeeds or fails on its roux. That is the base, the thickener.

It varies from residence to residence. In mine, there have been various dishes, the lima beans in particular, that began with a blonde roux produced up of just flour and milk. For anything like gumbo, you wanted a dark roux.

A dark roux in my household would be produced with flour and bacon grease and cooked gradually till it was the colour the Germans contact schokoladenbraun, practically like dark chocolate. The darker the roux the larger the flavor and the trick is to get it as dark as attainable prior to you have scorched it.

That is what’s named an extended metaphor but it is analogous to what is going on in Saints camp. The chemistry that is building amongst Drew Brees and Jared Cook is getting displayed every single practice. Saints fans will be acquiring a heavy dose of it this year and it is got to have the rest of the NFC South in a panic.

Jared Cook is smooth like a summer time breeze. He’s a special blend of the athleticism Jimmy Graham had with the hands Benjamin Watson had back in 2015. Sliding via his routes and sinking into the soft spots in the defense for the ball that is currently in the air from Drew Brees.

If you are actually not familiar with Jared Cook however, one particular of his old coaches compared him to former receiver for the Detroit Lions, Calvin “Megatron” Johnson. That former coach was Steve Spurrier who recruited Cook and brought him to South Carolina.

It is all about the physical attributes Cook brings to the table.  At six-foot-five, 246-pounds, operating a four.49 40, a 41-inch vertical and a 123-inch broad jump there is just pure, raw athletic potential right here that is uncommon in any sport. For a tight finish, numbers like these are uncommon adequate to be memorable. Up there with Vernon Davis who place on a show at the 2006 NFL Combine. Numbers that surpass most of these place up by Jimmy Graham in 2010.

Does the age matter substantially? If he’s lost something in the speed or athleticism in common, he’s nonetheless additional physically gifted than the majority of NFL tight ends. And now he’s got the greatest of all-time throwing to him.

That is the actually horrible aspect of the entire story for Jared Cook. He landed in a series of conditions exactly where the quarterback play was underwhelming. That is till he got to Oakland and, in his second year there, place up 68 catches for 896 yards and six TDs. And lastly produced it to a Pro Bowl.

You can see from what’s taking place correct now in education camp that Brees and Cook have a good deep brown and practically prepared base going. Involving now and the season opener against the Houston Texans, they’ll be chopping their vegetables and adding them in by stages of what requires longer to cook. Perhaps a small sausage early on. Close to the finish, the shrimp and crab claws, if my dad’s creating it, chunks of snapper or grouper.

In quick, the components are there. The base is there. Just a matter of placing them with each other at this point. I’m beginning to feel my earlier views about Jared Cook’s possible in this offense have been horribly pessimistic.