Each day dilemmas: Is Spanish tortilla much better with onions or devoid of?


It is an challenge that deeply divides Spain, pits brother against brother, and leaves even the rivalry in between Actual Madrid and Barcelona in the shade: Which is much better? Tortilla with onions or devoid of?


No culinary dilemma has been much more heatedly debated, not even regardless of whether a morcilla de burgos can be regarded superior to a morcilla de leon, or which area boasts the ideal jamón.

So we asked The Neighborhood readers to determine and the vote was an overwhelmingly in favour of WITH ONIONS.

A poll of our readers on Facebook revealed 83 % would pick out a tortilla de patatas con cebolla.

Though on Twitter, a poll revealed a much more balanced split but nevertheless most surely for onions.


The only query now is, runny or firm?

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