Whoopi Goldberg Slammed For Allegedly Physique Shaming Mariah Carey, Stated ‘Heartbreaker’ Video Was ’20 Bodies Ago’

Whoopi Goldberg may possibly have sneak dissed Mariah Carey on The View. And fans are not right here for it.

Goldberg created a comment about Carey during Jerry O’Connell’s look on the daytime speak show. O’Connell was the major man in Carey’s “Heartbreaker” video as this year celebrates the 20-year anniversary of the song’s release.

As co-host Sunny Cruz pointed out the song came out 20 years ago, Goldberg whispered to Ana Navarro, 

“That was 20 bodies ago.”

See it at the 1:00 mark.

Several viewers had been convinced Goldberg was physique shaming Carey with the comment, and they responded on Twitter.

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