Mel B says admitting to possessing sex with Geri Horner created rehearsals for the Spice Girls’ reunion tour “awkward”.

Mel B

Mel B

The ‘Wannabe’ hitmaker claimed to have had a “1 time” fling with Geri – who is now married to Christian Horner – 20 years ago for the duration of a inform-all interview with Piers Morgan on his ‘Life Stories’ show earlier this year.

And she’s now stated that though she ran the story previous Geri beforehand, news of the alleged romp nevertheless created items slightly tense amongst the girls when it came to rehearsing for their current string of reunion shows.

Mel stated: “I texted her on the evening I did the Piers Morgan show and explained what he’d stated and how I’d answered and she was fine with it. The trouble was it then got hyped up into a considerably larger story, and it did not support that we had been just about to start rehearsals.

“It was awkward. We hadn’t been back in the predicament of getting with each other just about every single day, getting on stage, rehearsing, finding ourselves back into Spice Girls mode, and then all the headlines about our connection had been thrown into the mix, which was fairly poor timing.”

The 44-year-old star says that since she and her band mates – which includes Geri, Mel C, and Emma Bunton, as effectively as Victoria Beckham, who did not take element in the reunion – have “grown up”, the historic tale did not go down as effectively as it would have if they had been nevertheless as “outrageous” as they utilized to be.

She added: “We have all grown up. Geri and I had been generally the loud, bossy ones, Mel C and Emma had been considerably quieter, but we’ve all changed. Mel C is so considerably additional chilled and sorted and knows specifically what she desires, as is Emma.

“Geri is unique. She’s married, she’s got youngsters, she’s not the similar outrageous Ginger she utilized to be. That took a bit of finding utilized to for me.”

But Mel insists she’s “changed” as well, as soon after divorcing Stephen Belafonte – whom she accused of getting physically and emotionally abusive – she now desires to be “up front” about her life.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday’s Occasion magazine, she stated: “I’ve changed. I’ve been via ten years of a deeply abusive marriage. I’ve lived a lie for a decade and I’ve come out of it wanting to be so sincere and so up front about every thing.”

When Mel created her confession earlier this year, she insisted the romp would in no way “occur once more”, as they realised it wasn’t for them.