Argentinean Trance powerhouse Chris Schweizer is back and prepared to rumble.

Obtaining just injected his banging signature sound with a couple of doses of fresh point of view, he is seeking to make a colossal influence with a 3-track EP that trumps all expectations: ‘Aftermath’.

When all is stated and carried out, and the dust lastly settles, it is colossal tracks like these that are nevertheless left standing. From the anthemic ‘Aftermath’ to the abyssal ‘Shaker Maker’ and the cataclysmic ‘Near The End’ (not too long ago played by Armin van Buuren himself at Tomorrowland 2019), this 3-track knockout is set to result in a dance floor meltdown wherever it ventures.

“I have been going by way of a lot of adjustments in my life in the previous year”, says Chris Schweizer, “and I feel one particular of the aftermaths of it is that I’ll be releasing songs from a lot of diverse types from now on to show who I genuinely am as a producer. I genuinely feel art ought to come all-natural, so if I’m forcing myself to make a song of a specific bpm – or that it has to sound like this or that – then I’m killing my creativity and limiting myself as an artist. Now, I do not care about how it ‘has to be’ any longer. I just do not want to be restricted or bound by anything, and that is when accurate beauty and art shines in my opinion.”

With more than ten songs lined up for release in the months to come, Chris Schweizer is intent on relighting the fire that created him turn out to be one particular of Trance’s huge blokes in the previous couple of years. The Buenos Aires-primarily based Trance star created gigantic waves with his tempestuous signature sound, supercharging crowds at the largest stages in the planet by way of his personal reside sets as properly as these of other individuals. And now, with a new take on that signature sound and a surge of creativity to boot, Chris Schweizer is set to additional cement his spot atop the Trance scene.

Shivani Murthy

Shivani Murthy

Shivani Murthy lives and breathes music. What began off as a passion grew into anything she ended up pursuing. She presently develops content material for T.H.E Music Essentials and also overlooks the PR and Media for Enchanted Valley Carnival. A massive trance and techno music buff, she has had the chance to function with various artists and premier music festivals

Shivani Murthy

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