Jon Voight continues to be one particular of Donald Trump’s staunchest and outspoken supporters. In a bizarre new video, the actor argues that the president cannot possibly be a racist, mainly because racism was “solved lengthy ago.”

Voight occassionall shares political videos on Twitter. The most current, dubbed “Jon Voight’s message for America” sees him tackle the broad and problematic topic of race in America. He starts by assuring viewers that “This is not a race for colour or fame. This is a journey that is for truth.” Is “this” supposed to imply his video? Is it the monologue he’s providing? Certainly it have to make sense in time. “My fellow Americans, also numerous are angered at the words of racism,” he continues. “This has been a major challenge for the black neighborhood considering the fact that the Civil War, but this has been solved lengthy ago by our forefathers for peace and appreciate.”

Is that Jon Voight brushing aside modern day racism? Yes, it most unmistakably is. To drive the point house, he then reminds Americans of colour that if they stopped getting so angry, then they wouldn’t be bound by racism any longer. “It appears that the angered left and angered minorities want to hold President Trump accountable for previous lives,” says Voight. “You see we have been gifted with truth and, as I see it, anger is amongst the old chains that had been binding to the men and women of slavery, old wounds that nevertheless look fresh.”

What straight away follows is a string of vague patriotic cliches, led by a sharp pivot to namedrop the Holocaust. He continues: “Let me speak about old wounds: the Holocaust. That, my pals, are wounds that reside amongst the Jewish and non-Jewish that lost lives. But this is not about colour, race, religion. This is the United States of America, a nation constructed on trust and liberty. A soil of greatness. A land of possibilities, exactly where all can develop and succeed with freedom. A nation of greatness.”

None of this should really come as a surprise. A couple of months ago, Voight created the claim that “President Trump is the greatest president considering the fact that Abraham Lincoln.” Of course, it does not hurt that Trump appointed him as a Kennedy Center trustee earlier this year either. If you want to hear his misguided patriotic rambling, the original video is beneath.



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