Plans of British foreign minister Dominic Raab will travel to Canada, the United States and Mexico this week to seek to increase ties with non-European nations ahead of Brexit, have been created public on Tuesday

Ex-Brexit chief negotiator of the UK, Raab was appointed final month by new Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has promised to take Britain out of the EU at 31 October with or with out a withdrawal deal.

“I’m determined that we fire up our financial relationships with non-European partners,” Raab stated in a statement ahead of his trip to Toronto, Washington and Mexico City. “That implies operating with them now to guarantee a smooth transition of our trading arrangements immediately after Brexit and implies swiftly moving to wide ranging trade bargains that increase small business, decrease rates for shoppers and respect our higher requirements.”

Raab will also use the visits to go over international collaboration on essential international difficulties, according to the announcement, with Raab wanting to develop “a stronger alliance to uphold international rule of law and tackle the difficulties that threaten our safety no matter if that is Iran’s menacing behaviour or Russia’s destabilising actions in Europe, or the threat from terrorism and climate adjust,” he stated.

This announcement comes immediately after Raab’s final week trips to  Bangkok, exactly where he met 20 foreign ministers from about the Asia-Pacific area to go over trade possibilities and strengthening diplomatic ties.

This way, the UK keeps waning to forger how the country’s greatest trade companion remains the EU, with 289 billion pounds of exports in 2018 andimports from the EU reaching 345 billion pounds.

According to pro-Brexit campaigners say leaving the bloc will enable Britain to pursue its personal new bilateral trade bargains about the planet. Ut the UK administration insists that Canada, the United States and Mexico collectively represent about 225 billion pounds of annual bilateral UK trade, according to figures released by the British government.