Steelers Film Space: Breakdown Of QB Mason Rudolph’s’ Pass Attempts Against Buccaneers


Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph was the second one particular at his position to play in the team’s initially preseason game of 2019 Friday evening against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the former third-round draft choose out of Oklahoma State completed five of his eight total pass attempts for 91 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions. Following currently breaking down all of the pass attempts from the Steelers Friday evening starter, Joshua Dobbs, beneath is a really detailed and objective breakdown of all eight of Rudolph’s pass attempts Friday evening.

Try #1 – 1-10-PIT 36 (five:33) (Shotgun) two-M.Rudolph pass brief left to 14-T.Jones to PIT 46 for 10 yards (29-R.Smith). – 10 air yards

Rudolph’s initially pass try of the game went to wide receiver Tevin Jones by way of an out-breaking route and it located its target nicely. Was the ball tipped at the line of scrimmage like Bob Pompeani of KDKA-Television claimed it was reside? I zoomed it and could not discover any proof to assistance that.

Try #two – two-six-MID 50 (four:24) (Shotgun) two-M.Rudolph pass brief correct to 13-J.Washington pushed ob at TB 39 for 11 yards (36-M.Stewart). – -1 air yards

Rudolph’s second pass try of the game went to wide receiver James Washington by way of an underneath drag route and as soon as once again the throw was on target and the outcome was some good yardage right after the catch.

Try #three – 1-eight-TB eight (1:58) (Shotgun) two-M.Rudolph pass brief correct to 13-J.Washington for eight yards, TOUCHDOWN. – 11 air yards

Rudolph’s third pass try of the game also went to Washington and this one particular was superior for a touchdown thanks to a completely placed back shoulder throw that permitted the wide receiver and only him as possibility to make the grab.

Try #four – two-12-TB 29 (1:17) (Shotgun) two-M.Rudolph pass incomplete deep left to 14-T.Jones. Coverage by 29-Smith. – 22 air yards

The subsequent pass try by Rudolph was one more attempted back shoulder throw and this one particular went to Jones down the left sideline and 22 yards down the field. The ball placement seemed to be fine. Although Jones did catch this pass, he was unable to get each feet down in bounds for a completion.

Try #five – three-12-TB 29 (1:12) (Shotgun) two-M.Rudolph pass incomplete brief middle to 82-D.Spencer (36-M.Stewart). – 15 air yards

Rudolph’s subsequent pass try also fell incomplete and this one particular went to wide receiver Diontae Spencer. It is really hard to inform what sort of route that Spencer ran on the play but it is clear it was previous the sticks and most likely involved him needing to function back some to the quarterback. By all appearances, Spencer most likely should really have created a contested catch on this play as the ball seemingly hit him in the hands for a drop. Buccaneers cornerback M.J. Stewart was credited with a pass breakup on the play for what ever it is worth and Pro Football Concentrate did not charge Spencer for a drop on this unique play.

Try #six – three-six-PIT 34 (13:44) (Shotgun) two-M.Rudolph pass incomplete brief left to 80-J.Holton. Penalty on PIT-60-J.Hassenauer, Offensive Holding, declined. – 14 air yards

Rudolph’s sixth pass try Friday evening against the Buccaneers came at the finish of a play he extended to his left. He escaped a sack to his left and attempted to full a pass to wide receiver Johnny Holton close to the sideline. The tv angle tends to make it challenging to see how close Holton was to creating the catch on this play. Even so, a holding penalty would have negated any catch just the similar.

Try #7 – 1-10-PIT 35 (10:56) (Shotgun) two-M.Rudolph pass brief left to 80-J.Holton to TB six for 59 yards (59-D.Bond). – air yards

Rudolph went back to Holton on his subsequent pass try by way of a mesh route idea. The play gained 59 yards in total and all came right after the catch. The throw by Rudolph was a tiny behind Holton, nevertheless, which forced the wide receiver to break stride. All round the pass place did not have an effect on the play, but subsequent time Rudolph desires to hit his receiver extra in stride.

Try #eight – 2-three-TB three (9:33) (Shotgun) two-M.Rudolph pass brief middle to 81-Z.Gentry for three yards, TOUCHDOWN. – 12 air yards

Rudolph’s final pass try of the game was a touchdown to rookie tight finish Zach Gentry in the back of the finish zone. The throw to Gentry, even though a tiny higher, was really a great deal catchable and placed exactly where only the 6’8″ tight finish was going to grab it. Although absolutely nothing to do with ball placement, Rudolph’s poise and patience in the pocket on this play is what permitted it to create and outcome in a touchdown. On top of that, Gentry desires to be praised for him drifting in concert with Rudolph as the play extended.

Summary: Friday evening was quickly Rudolph’s greatest preseason game to date as the second-year quarterback looked a lot extra comfy in the pocket. His throws. as recapped above, had been all seemingly on target and catchable by his receivers and his receivers only. Rudolph’s two touchdown throws had been terrific and each placed exactly where only the player he was throwing it to could catch it. Probably Rudolph’s worst throw of the game was the one particular that resulted in the most significant achieve and that was the one particular to Holton that was thrown slightly behind the receiver and brought on him to break stride. Two of his 3 incompletions had been balls that should really have been caught. A single was caught, just not in bounds even though the other seemingly bounced off the hands of the receiver. Rudolph’s other incomplete pass was a worthy work and would have been wiped out by penalty had it located its mark.

Mason Rudolph’s Week 1 Preseason Passing Chart (All passes charted from 30-yard-line)


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