earth tongueEarth Tongue: Interview with the Primitive Prog Rock band from New Zealand… Ged Babey talks to  Ezra Simons – Drums/Vocals, about influences and soundtracks.


Earth Tongues album Floating Becoming (Stolen Physique Records)  genuinely blew me away back in June.  I reviewed it right here, and the initial pressing has totally sold out – a second will be offered quickly.

Heavy psychedelic / fuzz band who formed in 2016 in Wellington, New Zealand.  A male/female two-piece who play loud, energetic, disorientating songs, frequently with space and/or occult themes.  What do you get if you cross Black Sabbath with Stereolab?

…is  how I introduced the critique. I wanted to give them the proper to reply and obtain out a bit about their influences, musical and cinematic… and see if they have been as cool as I imagined them to be.   Well, they’re even cooler.  Straight from the fridge daddio.

(Gussie Larkin, the female singer and guitarist no doubt gets a disproportionate quantity of interest, so it was drummer/vocalist Ezra who replied. )

How do earthlings so young get into (a style of) music which is so old?

We’re influenced by so lots of distinctive genres and eras, new and old, but in terms of our playing we’re each drawn to off-kilter time signatures and riffs that catch you off guard. We each come from music loving households, so naturally have been brought up on 60s and 70s classic rock, and as we grew up we each went via distinctive musical phases, but that psych/prog sound from the early 70s is what we usually go back to. As properly as the sound, we truly enjoy the artwork and aesthetic related with that period so that tends to make it even extra attractive.

What was your ‘journey’ of musical taste and discovery? 

My journey was quite standard for a modest-town angsty kid from New Zealand.

Age 10 I was into Snoop Dog, Nelly, and what ever else was fed to my vulnerable thoughts by industrial radio. I was also into Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine and Blink 182 at this time, thanks to my cool older brother. I recall watching Woodstock 99 footage on VHS and freaking out at how cool it was.

At age 12 I began to discover guitar, and quickly found Metallica and Pantera, which sent me down the metal spiral. I guess I found Queens of the Stone Age about this time as well – their initial four albums have been all quite critical to me, and nonetheless are.

About age 14 I found Black Flag, Minor Threat, and punk rock in common. I then played in a punk band for years and got quite deep into that.

At 16 a family members buddy burned a copy of Black Sabbath’s initial album onto a CD for me and that is exactly where my 70s proto-metal and psychedelic period started.

Right now my taste is truly varied. I’m a bit of a crate digger – there’s no much better feeling then getting obscure, forgotten psych, kraut and disco gems.

is getting a two piece factors of economy or due to the fact you just do not require a third/fourth member?

When you want to play reside as a two-piece you truly have to get inventive with the way you create songs. We each like the way this performs. Uncomplicated riffs, complicated time signatures, fascinating melodies – it just performs with our style. The monetary side of it is a substantial bonus as well of course. We’re quite ambitious with touring, and if we had extra members this would merely be unachievable.

Do you study a lot of sci-fi fantasy books or graphic novels?

We’re each truly into 70s and sci-fi films extra than something. Logan’s Run, Silent Operating and Holy Mountain are some of our faves.

Favourite ever film?

Favourite ever film is difficult! Lately I saw Repo Man and had a truly superior time! Also Rosemary’s Infant is a have to.

Have you watched the classic old sci-fi film Silent Operating ? (hope so) if ever there’s a remake you really should do the soundtrack …..

I seriously didn’t study this query prior to mentioning it in the answer above! Yes we’ve noticed it. And yes we’d enjoy to do the soundtrack but in all honesty, remakes are quite seldom superior!

what kinda film would you like to soundtrack?

An animated version of Barberella. Animated by René Laloux.

How far out was I with the Black Sabbath meets Stereolab comparison?

We weren’t really as well familiar with Stereolab when we study your critique. But we listened to them and we approve. Becoming compared to Black Sabbath is usually a compliment, so thanks!


is Primitive Prog a fair descriptor?

We typically go with the descriptor ‘Heavy Psych/Fuzz’ or comparable. I really feel like we’re not pretty virtuosic adequate to claim the ‘prog’ title – but we’ll take it!

Thanks Ezra.  I picked a handful of video clips from YouTube to illustrate your  musical journey and influences and it tends to make a wonderful choice,  Earth Tongue to me appear to be a band following their personal path, irrespective of trends or style or hipness.  It is a totally shit comparison but White Stripes conquered the world  so there is no purpose Earth Tongue can not do the very same.

And I just can not wait for the animated Barbarella soundtrack!

Earth Tongue are not just a different girl and boy from a different planet.  They are a band who are merely out on their personal and out of this planet.

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