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What it would take for the Tennessee Titans to land Jadeveon Clowney.

Each fan base in the NFL is discussing irrespective of whether or not their group will trade for Houston Texans EDGE Jadeveon Clowney, so let’s speak about a possible Tennessee Titans trade.

Initial of all, what was a rumor yesterday is now just about a provided reality thanks to the reporting of John McClain:

The exact same man also relayed the facts that the group believed to be in the driver’s seat right here (Miami Dolphins) is out on Clowney.

Alright so that just leaves 30 other teams correct? Properly, kinda. These are the teams that are paying an EDGE rusher $10 million or much more subsequent year which possibly suggests that they will not be capable to give Jadeveon Clowney the deal he desires.

-Chicago Bears

-Dallas Cowboys

-Kansas City Chiefs

-Denver Broncos

-Detroit Lions

-New Orleans Saints

-Cleveland Browns

-San Francisco 49ers

-Arizona Cardinals

-Green Bay Packers

-Los Angeles Chargers

-Jacksonville Jaguars

-Tampa Bay Buccaneers

-Minnesota Vikings

-Cincinnati Bengals

-Philadelphia Eagles

-Washington Redskins

-Buffalo Bills

So that is 18 much more teams that are committed to paying an EDGE $10+ million subsequent year. Some of these teams like the Bills, Buccaneers and Cardinals are weak adequate at the position and are either prepared to reset at QB or they have a inexpensive QB for the subsequent couple of years, so they could also make the move.

For the sake of this argument let’s just say that the Tennessee Titans are 1 of about a dozen teams that are not more than extended on cap paid to EDGE and will not have to spend 1 till at least 2022.

Also, if you do not consider there is any possibility that the Titans will make a trade with the Texans then just cease reading this. What in the globe could I say that would transform your thoughts, so do not operate your self up reading an write-up that is much more of a “what if” situation than actual projection of what will come about?

So, let’s get into irrespective of whether or not this trade could come about.