Europe Wakes Up to China’s Rise


Europe is starting to face up to the challenges posed by a increasing China. From the political debates roiling European capitals more than the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei’s involvement in constructing 5G mobile networks to the tense EU-China summit earlier this year, current events have shown that European leaders are developing uneasy in a connection that till lately each sides saw as immensely advantageous. They be concerned about the political influence China has gained, in particular more than the EU’s smaller sized members, and its developing financial clout and technological prowess. They are beginning, tentatively, to push back.

To improved market its interests, Europe need to use its financial, political, and diplomatic energy to level the financial playing field with China, guard against Chinese political influence, and defend democratic values at property. However two issues stand in the way of such a technique. Initial, Europe remains divided more than how seriously to take the Chinese challenge. In contrast to the strategic shifts taking place in Berlin, Paris, and the EU capital, in Brussels, the leaders of quite a few smaller sized states nevertheless see only the financial rewards of deeper engagement with China. Second, Europe finds itself caught in the middle of a developing U.S.-Chinese rivalry. It can not abandon its extended-standing ties to the United States (even as it squabbles with the Trump administration more than every little thing from tariffs to defense spending), but it also can not afford to weaken a trade connection with China worth properly more than $1 billion a day. Europe is walking a fine line by nominally resisting China’s predatory trade and investment practices but not issuing any meaningful threats. So far, playing it protected has failed to persuade China to modify course.  

Europe demands a new strategy, a single that acknowledges the gravity of the complications posed by China’s rise and outlines a distinctly European, rather than American, response. Europe and the United States need to improved coordinate their policies on China, but they will never ever agree on every little thing. Even without the need of copying Washington’s each and every move, Europe


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